A vocal warm up and training app.

With a difference.

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Categorised Warmups & Exercises to help you make the most of limited warm up time

Fact-based Vocal Health

information & a packed 'Tips' section to help you make sense of the world of voice and music

Customisable Favourites & Playlists so you can design your own warm up sequence

6 Vocal Range options +

1 especially designed for voice teachers

Adjustable levels of guiding voice, accompaniment & metronome

Brand new Key Centre designed for sight singing and a capella

The vocal training app created
for singers,
by singers.

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We get it. 

When you need to sing, you need to sing.

We all know that you should be doing a good warm up before using your voice, but that's not always so easy. 

Audition Vocal Toolbox was created to help you take care of your voice and be the best vocalist you can be.

So where should you use it?

at home

outside your lesson

in the green


in the  studio

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before the


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on the go

at your audition

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International Performer,
Voice Teacher

AVT has been useful in not only my own professional work but with my students as well. For myself I have been able to use this on board the cruise ship as a way of warming up before I perform with my band. I don’t have access to a piano in my cabin so this has been a great tool to use just before going on stage. ...I’ve learnt a lot myself from using AVT.

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Speech Pathologist,
Voice Teacher

AVT is a fantastic resource! It assists with teaching and helps me prescribe exercises for students to practice during the week. AVT encompasses technical exercises, aural components, tempo adjustment and voice support which is helpful for vocal development.



Audition Vocal Toolbox is something that can be used in the studio or out. It has Bluetooth capabilities which can assist in rehearsals and warm ups for gigs. The unique features of Key Centre and voice support are  fantastic additions!