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I want singing lessons, is it too late?

Answer: NEVER too late!

Here are some things to expect in your first lesson. There is no age limit on singing! So if you’ve ever had the thought to take lessons, do it. It’s not only good for your voice but also your overall health and wellbeing. Singing is good for the soul!

Some things to consider when finding a singing teacher are: - Where is the teacher located (or online)? - Do they have industry experience? - Have they got qualifications in voice? - Price per lesson/package deals and whether you want weekly/fortnightly lessons? - What do you want to get out of singing lessons?

Where do I find a singing teacher? Google is always a fantastic start! Or ask your friends/family if they know someone? There are also some voice association websites which have singing teacher lists where you can find a reputable teacher near you. Singing lessons don’t always cover just “voice related” content, often there are many, many extra things… alignment, breath flow, speaking voice, music theory, performance technique, auditions… the list goes on.

What to prepare for your first singing lesson: Usually you don’t need to prepare much before your first lesson. If it is an online lesson, test out your space and equipment including whatever program you will be using for your lesson (teams, zoom, skype etc.) - Think of a song you know well and are comfortable singing in front of your new teacher for the first time. It is also helpful to bring the following items to an in-person lesson if you can: - A water bottle - USB - Phone/smart device - Folder for sheet music

Some things to expect: Every teacher will have a different introductory routine. However, it is always common that a first lesson will include a “get to know you” section. Often there will be questions like:

- What is your experience with singing? - Have you had lessons before? - What styles of music do you like? - What would you like to achieve in lessons? - What do you enjoy about singing?

- Do you want to work on any specific areas of vocal technique?

For the teacher, this is a time to understand who you are and what you want out of your lessons. They are more than likely also listening to how you speak as this can influence how you sing [nothing to be nervous about with that though, teachers are there to help support you].

Remember you are always welcome to ask questions as well! The initial chat will often lead to you (the student) to sing a section of a song you enjoy which is comfortable for you! Try to enjoy the process and know that the teacher is there to support you every step of the way! Also, mistakes lead to progress, so if you make a mistake it’s no biggie…it’s a good thing and you will grow each time!

Happy Singing! :)

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