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SOVT you say? What and how?

SOVT = Semi Occluded Vocal Tract (in short, meaning your mouth will be partially closed during the exercise or warm up). These sounds are a voice user’s/singer’s BEST FRIEND and are used widely in the voice community 🤗🤩.

BUZZ WORD: Back pressure! How does it work?

SOVT‘s create back pressure by having your mouth partially closed. The air flows partially through your mouth, then reflects to your vocal folds. This back pressure makes vocal fold vibration easier and more efficient.

There are many different variations of SOVT’s. You may have used a lip trill/bubble before in a singing lesson or vocal warm up before a show? Other SOVT sounds include tongue trills, raspberries, fricatives, puffy cheeks, straw phonation and more.

Play, experiment and enjoy the benefits that come with SOVT’s. Explore your vocal range and use as a vocal cool down for a healthy, well rounded singing session.

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