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Get to Know the Team

Dana Headshot.png

Dana Musil


Education, Learning & Workshops:

Master of Music Studies (Voice Pedagogy)
Graduate Certificate of Music (Voice Pedagogy) 

Diploma of Musical Theatre (NYC) scholarship recipient

Vocal Health First Aid Certified

Professional Roles:

Voice teacher + specialist


Cabaret writer

Performance coach + mentor

Vocal director

Additional Experience:

Speaker at National Voice Conferences.

Workshops with Kristen Chenoweth, Natalie Weiss and Mary Saunders-Barton.

Vocalist for bands, duos, and a capella groups.

Currently based:

Melbourne (Australia)

Previously based:

New York City (United States), Brisbane (Australia)

Favourite Performance Memories:

There are always so many special moments in each production and performance but here are a few highlights:

  • When I performed lead roles in various productions at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) including Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz when I was 18.

  • Performing in an industry reading for an upcoming musical set for Broadway in New York City.

  • Creating and performing my own cabaret "Dana's Delicious Delights" and "Not another love story!". 

Fun Fact:

I am a vocal anatomy and physiology enthusiast and chose to further explore this in my research paper for my Masters Degree. My research paper was named "Vocal Mechanics of a Human Beatbox: An Analysis of a Human Larynx when Performing the ‘Throat Bass’ Beatbox Sound". In 2022, I presented some findings from this research at a National Voice Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

Education, Learning & Workshops:

Graduate Certificate of Music Studies (Voice Pedagogy)

Bachelor of Music (Piano)

Summer Program for Electronic Music Production and Audio Engineering (dBs Berlin) 

Professional Roles:

Vocal coach + Voice teacher

Collaborative pianist + Accompanist

Piano teacher

Music director

Vocal Arranger

Additional Experience:

Vocalist for bands, choirs, a capella groups, and theatre.

Performer in musical theatre.

Vocal director for both musical theatre and choir.

Currently based:

Brisbane and Melbourne (Australia)

Previously based:

Berlin (Germany), Paris (France)

Favourite Performance Memories:

  • Watching our company sing Seasons of Love (from RENT), and getting goosebumps every night

  • Performance of my original song cycle Thanks for Playing....and other ways to say goodbye (2011)

  • Performing an original song in a showcase of Women Composers in Musical theatre (Paris)

Fun Fact:

I've always loved learning languages and used to spend my evenings after school with language DVDs. So far, I've tried learning: French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, German, Gaelic, Latin, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, and Navajo.
(Don't ask me to remember them all though!)


Kym Mc


In addition to this core team, we are so grateful for the input & collaboration of our network and community of voice pedagogues, speech pathologists, singing teachers, performers, musicians & students who help us make Audition Vocal Toolbox an even better tool. 

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